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Angel Hanz for the Homeless offers a variety of services to help those in need.  Our mission is to provide assistance to the homeless and their animals.  We are here to provide education and assistance to help people survive and re-enter the mainstream of living.  

Serving the Skid Row Community

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Emergency Medical Care

We offer emergency medical care for animals who suffer from sickness, acts of cruelty or accidental injuries.

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Emergency Grooming

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Messy Dog 1 After.jpg


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Monthly Gatherings

On the last Sunday of every month, we hold a gathering for the homeless with or without animals.  We provide free services and distribute information about housing and public services to anyone in need of help.

                     Services we offer each month include:


  • Lunch for everyone in attendance

  • Veterinary examinations and vaccines

  • Pet food for everyone with an animal

  • Clothing including shirts, pants, coats and shoes

  • Animal accessories including collars, leashes, clothing, toys and beds

  • Grooming for animals

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Resource Guide

A one of a kind resource guide written by Karen Hamza inspired by her own experiences being homeless and on the streets.   Her guide is provided free of charge to anyone who is looking for information and agencies that can offer shelter, a hot meal, medical assistance and addiction hotlines.

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